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Lincoln Saltwater Chlorinator Brisbane

The Lincoln salt water chlorinator is design and manufactured in Australia to suit our tough conditions using only quality electrical components and commercial grade cell materials.


Using industry proven technology, the Lincoln Chlorinator’s embedded micro-controller certainly delivers an intelligent and responsive system. This makes it efficient, reliable and easy to operate, not only for commercial users but also for domestic customers

The Lincoln takes into account your water temperature and salinity therefore helping to maintain the correct chlorine levels in your pool. Firstly, enter in your settings on the LCD display, then relax and enjoy – it really is that easy.

The self-cleaning cell is a standard inclusion with the Lincoln Salt Water Chlorinator, helping to reduce maintenance while saving you time and money. The compact fully sealed design is built for Australian conditions and keeps out uninvited guests, such as geckos.

In short, for Salt Water Chlorination, the premium choice is Lincoln.

Lincoln Salt Water Chlorinator Features

  • Easy to use menu
  • High salt/mineral indicator
  • Smart micro-computer controller system
  • Precision adjustment of chlorine output to 1%
  • Back-lit digital LCD display
  • Auto-pilot mode so you can sit back and relax
  • Intuitive navigation buttons
  • Automatic power reduction when salt or mineral level is too high
  • Automatic self cleaning on all models
  • Run dry pump protection
  • Water temperature reading
  • Salt/mineral level test function
  • Super chlorinate mode for high use periods
  • Backwash function for sand filters
  • Spa mode setting: automatically resets chlorine output to 10%
  • Super capacitor backup on timer (no batteries to replace)
  • Vertical or horizontal cell installation
  • Moreover, the Lincoln chlorinator is Australian Made

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 57 × 35 × 16 cm