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Chlorinator Cell Repairs & Replacement

Replacement Chlorinator Cells

We have a complete range of cell clips, caps, brass terminals, o-rings and cell housings available. Our technicians can also weld and repair cell plates in some instances using the world’s highest quality cell plate.

We keep an extensive range of saltwater replacement and reconditioned chlorinator cells at the best prices. All reconditioned cells with a 2 year full warranty. 

Our range of Replacement Chlorinator Cells can be found here.

Chlorinator Cell Repairs

We also do cell repairs. Simply bring your cell down to us and we will test it for its out put. We can replace terminals, plates, cell caps and cell clips plus more. The quickest turnaround and most affordable option if you live in or near Brisbane, is to drop your cell off at our workshop at 15 Pound St, Dutton Park, QLD 4102.

If you live elsewhere in Australia, you can post your cell to us at the above address.

For standard road freight Australia Post will usually charge between $8-$20. We can Express Post cells to anywhere in Australia for $15.

We also provide a mobile collection and delivery service. This can be helpful if you are not able to safely remove your chlorinator because it is hard wired or you would prefer us to remove it.

For a 24 Hour Inspection and Quote Turnaround

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