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Pool Pumps

If you are in the market for a new pool pump, we are here to help. 

Perhaps you are researching for a new Variable Speed pool pump. Or maybe you are building a new pool. Whatever the reason, choosing a new pump for your pool can be difficult, as there are so many options out there. At Aquamech Services we have been specialising in pool pumps since 2015, and we know our pumps.

Choosing the right Pool Pump

The right pump will ensure your pool is consistently clean and inviting. It will lower operating and maintenance costs, and minimise inconveniences so that you and your family can enjoy your pool every day.

A poorly chosen pump will not only perform deficiently and create issues with the pool filtration, but it can have detrimental effects on all the pool equipment in the long term. It is important to spend time analysing the pool configuration and the requirements in order to make the right choice.

Points to Consider when Choosing your new Pump:

  • Horsepower: This measures how powerful the pump is.
  • Flow Rate: Litres per Minute – this is how your pump’s performance is measured. It is important to note that two pumps with the same horsepower may have different flow rates. Always check the flow rate.
  • Pool Size: You want to be able to turnover your pool volume in adequate time – 6 hours is typically more than adequate.
  • Existing Equipment: Think about your filter’s maximum flow rate – you want to stay under this limit. Also take into consideration how long your chlorinator needs to run for to do its job properly.

Choosing the right pool pump is critical to your pool filtration system. The wrong pump may cause your pool or spa system to fail due to things such as too much pressure or not enough water flow.   The correct size pool pump should deliver the correct water flow to maintain a healthy pool. If you are replacing an existing pump, it is a good idea to replace it with a pump with the same or similar features, unless your needs have changed.

If you need more advice about the right pool pump for your pool, call us today on 07 3067 7956.

Installing your Pool Pump

Whether you are planning to install your own pool pump or have us do it for you, we are happy to offer our advice after your purchase.  Installing a pool pump should be an easy task but it does depend on your pool’s filtration system.  Complications can be caused when integrating with automation systems or heating systems.  If you are replacing like for like, it should be an easy process and we are only to happy to offer our services if you need assistance.

For a 24 Hour Inspection and Quote Turnaround