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For a 24 Hour Inspection and Quote Turnaround

Chlorinator Repairs

Chlorinator Repairs, Spare Parts & Sales Brisbane

Aquamech Services Brisbane specialise in all brands of chlorinator repairs, spare parts and sales. All repairs come with 1-2 years warranty.

Some repairable faults can present as display hard to read or no display on screen, no flow, low salt light with high salt in pool, pump not starting, timer not keeping time, sun damage, damaged cell cables, terminals and power cords.

Saltwater Chlorinator Repairs, Pool Chlorinator Repairs, including but not limited to, the following: Auto Chlor, Astral Pool VX, Astral Pool Viron and Viron Equalibrium, Maxichlor, Chloromatic, Crystal Clear, Compuchlor, Compupool, Evolution, Puresilk, H2Flo, Zodiac Tri, Clearwater, Zodiac LM2, Zodiac LM3, Hi-chlor, Aquajoy, Stroud, VX Hurlcon, Saltmate, Seal, ROK, Pool Pro, Pool Controls, Hayward, Ozone Swim, Puraflo, Poolrite, Waterco Electrochlor, Waterco Hydrochlor, Surechlor plus many more.

We understand your needs and the often costly consequences of not having your pool in full operation. Therefore, within 24 hours of receiving your unit we will test, diagnose and call you with a quote.

We also sell a range of quality new chlorinators based on 9 years of repair experience. We are repair technicians not sales representatives.

We will not proceed with any chlorinator repair work until you have approved the quote

A standard quote fee of $39 applies, and this fee will come off the total cost of the repair if you choose to go ahead. Repair labour charges usually range from $40 to $50 (plus parts).

For an accurate diagnosis, we need the control power pack AND the cell (not the cell housing). Without these two items, an accurate diagnosis is not always possible.

Our technicians are licenced electrical contractors. As a result, all our repairs are tested and tagged for electrical safety, for your peace of mind and to comply with AS/NZS 3760 in-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment.

All chlorinator repairs come with a 12 month warranty.

The quickest turnaround and most affordable option if you live in or near Brisbane, is to drop your unit off at our workshop at 15 Pound St, Dutton Park, QLD 4102.

We also provide mobile repair services. This can be helpful if you are not able to safely remove your chlorinator because it is hard wired or you would prefer us to remove it. Our travel fee to go to your property ranges from $55 to $110 depending on your location, in addition to the $39 inspection and quote fee and cost of repairs.

If you live elsewhere in Australia, you can post your unit to us at the above address. For standard road freight Australia Post will usually charge between $8-$20

For a 24 Hour Inspection and Quote Turnaround

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