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AutoChlor RP Chlorinator

Auto Chlor salt chlorinators are made locally in Tingalpa, Brisbane. With over 30 years of development the AIS chlorinators are considered one of the best salt chlorinators in Australia. Auto Chlor salt chlorinators, especially the RP range, use a low salt level and are virtually maintenance free.

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Saltwater pools and spas are a popular lifestyle choice for many families as they are easy to maintain and cost-effective. They can also help reduce the adverse effects experienced in some conventional, chlorinated pools such as skin, eye and respiratory irritation or strong chemical odours. Autochlor RP

AIS’ range of AutoChlor RP salt water chlorinators disinfect your pool automatically, therefore eliminating the risk, hassle and expense of manual chlorine dosing.

In a process known as electrolysis, pool water passes through electrolytic cells which then convert the salts and minerals present in the water into chlorine. This chlorine is distributed directly into the water keeping your pool sparkling clear and germ & bacteria free.

Comes with the added feature of Reverse Polarity (RP) Technology. RP Technology means the electrodes periodically switch between positive and negative charge resulting in less calcium build up and consequently less maintenance.

AutoChlor RP Salt Chlorinator Features

  • Easy lock cell
  • Quick Release industrial cell cable
  • ATB72 analogue cable
  • LED 10% – 100% output control
  • The reversing action de-scales the build-up of calcium and reduces electrode cleaning maintenance by 95%
  • Powered by transformer power supply
  • Salinity 5,000 ppm
  • Warranty: Residential application – 3 years, Commercial application – 1 year


We also have cells to suit the Autochlor Chlorinator Range including the SM Series, RP Series and AC Series of chlorinators.


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Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 57 × 35 × 16 cm