Autochlor Chlorinator Cells

We have cells to suit the Autochlor Chlorinator Range including the SM Series, RP Series and AC Series of chlorinators.

Replacing your cell periodically ensures your salt water electrolysis equipment remains in full working order at all times. This quality replacement part is made with high-grade titanium to resist corrosion and last longer. A ruthenium coating bolsters reliability and extends the lifespan of this cell for even longer. Quick release terminals allow for easy fitting and removal when it comes to cleaning.

We have cells to suit:

Autochlor Chlorinator

Autochlor SM30

Autochlor SM20

Autochlor RP92

Autochlor RP64

Autochlor RP36

Autochlor RP25 /13 plate

Autochlor RP50

Autochlor RP35

Autochlor RP25

Autochlor RP20

Autochlor AC35

Autochlor AC50

Autochlor AC25

Autochlor AC20

Autochlor AC Push On