Autochlor Chlorinator Cells

AIS’ range of AutoChlor salt water chlorinators disinfect your pool automatically, therefore eliminating the risk, hassle and expense of manual chlorine dosing.

In a process known as electrolysis, pool water passes through electrolytic cells which then convert the salts and minerals present in the water into chlorine. This chlorine is distributed directly into the water keeping your pool sparkling clear and germ & bacteria free.

We have cells to suit the Autochlor Chlorinator Range including the SM Series, RP Series and AC Series of chlorinators.

Autochlor Chlorinator

Replacing your cell periodically ensures your salt water electrolysis equipment remains in full working order at all times. High-grade titanium means this quality replacement part will resist corrosion and last longer. A ruthenium coating bolsters reliability and extends the lifespan of this cell for even longer.

What sets these Autochlor Chlorinator cells above others on the market? Made from the highest quality titanium plate and rated for 15,000 hours, these are Australian made not cheap Chinese rubbish and are very affordable.

We have cells to suit the following Autochlor models:

SM30                                       SM20                                        RP92

RP64                                        RP36                                        RP25 /13 plate

RP50                                        RP35                                        RP25

RP20                                        AC35                                        AC50

AC25                                        AC20                                        AC Push On

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