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  • It’s quality that makes Onga a leading automatic pool cleaner company. The Onga Hammerhead pool cleaner is the ultimate in carefree operation. It comes fully assembled. Just add the seal and connect the hoses. No tools required and you’re on cruise control in minutes. The Onga Hammerhead is the most popular pool cleaner in the Onga range and has been a favourite of the Australian pool builders for years. This is a very reliable backward moving pool hammer style pool cleaner best suited to free form in-ground pools. It even comes with a free flow gauge and adjustable speed control to ensure optimum performance.
  • Rebel Pool Cleaner

    Join the two-wheel revolution in the fight against hard-to-clean debris! The new Rebel cleaner is perfect for thorough cleaning coverage of pools with hard to-clean dirt and debris. Featuring mechanically-programmed, gear-driven, wheels which drive and manoeuvre the Rebel all over the pool floor, up walls and into tight corners, the Rebel bridges the gap between conventional suction cleaners and robotics. It sucks up debris other cleaners miss!

    Rebel Pool Cleaner Features

    • Sure-Flow Turbine— Dirt & debris pass through easily to avoid clogging. • Advanced Hydraulic Technology — Ideal for use with variable speed or two-speed pumps. • Dual Action Roller Skirt — Maneuvers up and over obstacles for uninterrupted cleaning. • Programmed Cleaning Cycle – Assures complete and thorough pool cleaning coverage. • Compact Footprint — Effortlessly cleans tight corners and pools with 90 degree angles. • Quick-Release Latch — Top access for easy serviceability.

    Rebel Pool Cleaner Warranty

    The Rebel Pool Cleaner comes with a 3 year warranty.

    Rebel Pool Cleaner Price

    Call us today on 07 30677956 for a Rebel Pool Cleaner price. We are authorised Pentair Dealers and have Rebel Pool Cleaners instock. We can offer installation anywhere throughout Brisbane.Click here for the: Rebel-Pool-Cleaner-Brochure