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EnviroSwim Pool Sanitizer

While there is no such thing as a maintenance-free pool, the EnviroSwim system comes very close, requiring only a few minutes each week to keep your pool in top condition while it saves money.

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While there is no such thing as a maintenance-free pool, the EnviroSwim system comes very close, requiring only a few minutes each week to keep your pool in top condition while it saves money.

EnviroSwim ES3 System Unique Patented Electronic Sanitiser

EnviroSwim ES3 patented system provides sparkling fresh water using natural minerals, sound waves and electronic oxidising. EnviroSwim water is low in total dissolved solids (TDS) creating a healthy freshwater environment. This is achieved by eliminating most of the regular dissolved chemical additives associated with conventional systems.


The system uses copper and silver to sanitize water. This process has been well documented and used for thousands of years. Copper, a very strong algaecide, and silver, a very strong biocide, and when combined and introduced to the water using electrolysis, they become a formidable sanitizer. The required residual level of copper and silver introduced to the swimming pool is well below acceptable drinking water standards making for a very safe residual sanitizer.

Electronic Oxidization:

Copper and silver ionization systems require an oxidizer to be added to help burn out organic compounds (oils, dust, leaf stains etc.). The most common oxidizer used in pools has been chlorine.

Due to a growing concern regarding the adverse health effects of chlorine and its associated by-products (Chloramines), EnviroSwim has removed the use of chlorine in the pool by incorporating an electronic oxidizing unit into the system.


The EnviroSwim system uses ultrasonics to further improve the water quality by removing existing scale and preventing the formation of scale caused by silica in the water. This also improves the efficiency, and reduces the operating costs, of the pool filtration/circulation and heating equipment.

EnviroSwim eliminates the need to purchase, handle or add liquid chlorine, granular chlorine, non chlorine oxidiser, hydrogen peroxide, stabiliser (cyanuric acid see chlorine section above), algaecides & flocculant. It also reduces energy costs, chemical costs, chemical handling and exposure to toxic/carcinogenic by products associated with chlorine and cyanuric acid. Pool water/backwash from the EnviroSwim system can be used undiluted on gardens and does not attack rock features and copings.

While the initial cost is higher than some other methods, EnviroSwim provides a true return on investment, with long term savings covering the additional upfront costs within a short period of time.

EnviroSwim is one of a few products in the world that has been rigorously tested by independent certifiers and a government laboratory proving it to be far more effective than chlorine for controlling common pool bacteria. EnviroSwim has years of trouble free history working in commercial pools that are tested monthly for microbiological contamination*.


Aquamech Services can supply new systems if you do not currently have one installed, reconditioned systems if you have a faulty unit, or repairs to your existing EnviroSwim System. We can also supply parts, including the electrode kits and oxidiser plates. Please note that while the basics of the system have not changed, advancement in technology means that we will need to know which model you have to ensure that we get the correct parts for you. If you are not certain of the age your system, please let us know what colour the front panel is, and whether the cable sockets on the bottom of the box have a metal surround or not.



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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 57 × 36 × 16 cm