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For a 24 Hour Inspection and Quote Turnaround

Reconditioned Zodiac Tri Series Chlorinator – 12 months warranty – $385* – Get yours today!


Aquamech Services Brisbane repairs and reconditions Zodiac Tri Series Chlorinators, Zodiac Ei Series Chlorinators, Zodiac EL-1 Series Chlorinators and Zodiac LM3 Series Chlorinators.

We are offering reconditioned Zodiac Tri Series chlorinators for $385 inc GST with 12 months warranty. We would expect you to get at least 4-5 years out of our reconditioned system.

Why buy new when you can buy reconditioned at a fraction of the price?

All our reconditioned units are electrically tested and tagged for your family’s safety and peace of mind.

We also have a full range of Zodiac Tri Series Chlorinator spare parts in stock. Give us a call and get yours today.

* Please note that this is our trade in price.


Common faults in Zodiac Tri Series Chlorinators

  • low salt light comes on
  • no flow light comes on
  • losing time 
  • Settings reset overnight
  • blank display
  • pump socket not working
  • pump socket not turning pump off
  • fault code – no output, check cell

If your Zodiac Tri Series Chlorinator is displaying any of these faults, there is no need for concern. Aquamech Services can repair all these faults and more.

Simply bring your Zodiac Tri Series Chlorinator in to us and for $39 we will do a comprehensive inspection and repair quote. This fee will then come off the cost of repairs.

We also supply Australian made cells that will outlast all other cells, including genuine Zodiac Tri Cells.

This Blog Post was written on July 25th 2019. Please contact us for current pricing on this unit.


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