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2111, 2017

AstralPool Viron Chlorinator, AstralPool VX & E Series Chlorinator Repairs, Spare Parts & Sales

Brisbane’s Aquamech Services Pty Ltd specialise in AstralPool Viron, AstralPool VX and E series chlorinator repairs , spare parts and sales. Our electrical licensed technicians can repair your AstralPool chlorinator for a fraction of the price of buying a new chlorinator.

Are you having problems with your VX, Viron or E Series chlorinator? Is your VX, […]

2111, 2017

Insurance claims for pool pump and chlorinator repairs

Has your pool pump or chlorinator stopped working or is it tripping the power circuit after the recent storms?

Pool pump and chlorinator repairs or replacement may be covered by home and contents insurance provided that in your contents policy “fusion / motor burnout” is seen to be the cause of failure.
Aquamech Pump & Chlorinator Repairs […]

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