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New Zodiac FloPro SS 1.0 Pump

Zodiac FloPro SS pool pumps offer consistent high performance, energy-efficiency and quiet operation. Suitable for domestic pools and comes with 3-year warranty.

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Designed specifically for Australian weather, the Zodiac FloPro 1.0 HP Pool Pump is a high performer that can also save you money on the running costs. The Zodiac FloPro pump is energy efficient and will also contribute towards reducing your carbon footprint.

The perfect solution for all types of domestic swimming pools, the FloPro pump is easy to use and so quiet to run that you will forget that it is even there.

Other features of the Zodiac FloPro 1.0 HP Pool Pump include:

  • Maintenance is simple with the Zodiac FloPro pool pump. With an ergonomic cam lock lid with easy alignment indicators, big lint basket (with clear lid) and handle pump brackets looking after the Zodiac FloPro pump is stress free;
  • The 50mm barrel unions ensure that the water flows efficiently as it recirculates around the pool. With its superior power, the FloPro pump can keep your running costs at a minimum without any compromise in performance;
  • The pump controls are specially designed for quiet operation with the internal flow dynamics reducing the overall operational noise;
  • All parts are made from corrosion resistant materials;
  • Covered by a 3 year warranty (2 years on the mechanical seal).

The construction of the Zodiac FloPro pool pump is outstanding and ensures that each pump gives many years of superior service.

Perfect for Australian conditions, the FloPro pump is low maintenance yet high performance and will quietly operate in the background while you enjoy your pool.


Warranty Period – 3 Years
Mechanical Seal – 2 Years

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 72 × 30 × 37 cm