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Aquashpere Chlorinator – Reconditioned 12 month warranty (Shipped)


1 × Chlorinator Return Only Shipping (one way)
1 × Trade In Deposit
NOTE: The Trade In Deposit will be refunded once we have received both your existing Aquasphere Chlorinator AND your bank account details.



This reconditioned Saltwater Chlorinator cuts down on maintenance by working on the principle of reverse polarity. This means that the electrode basically cleans itself and all you have to do is check your electrode every once in a while and clean off any calcium build up. This gives you more free time to enjoy your pool and less worry knowing that your pool is safely sanitised.


Benefits include:

  • LED display showing chlorine output
  • Touch pad controls for easy setting
  • Fully automatic operation even when you’re away
  • High chlorine output to cater for most pool sizes
  • Easy installation to new and existing pools
  • Adjustable chlorine output control
  • Reverse polarity electrode


This unit has been refurbished and is suitable for any pool up to 50,000L.


Aquamech Services Pty Ltd ATF Harper Family Trust are licensed electrical contractors (Lic No 82693) and all our repaired items are electrically tested and tagged in accordance with the Australian/New Zealand Electrical Installation Verification Guidelines.


Conveniently located in Dutton Park, Aquamech Services repair and service all brands and models of chlorinators, pool, spa and tank pumps, sand filters, pool cleaners, pool lights and more in our fully equipped workshop.


Have you got a chlorinator of your own that you want repaired?


Why buy new when you can have your robust old chlorinator or pump rebuilt at a fraction of the cost & without paying for reinstallation?

We have a huge range of chlorinator spare parts and cells ensuring your unit is back up and running within 24-48 hours of your go ahead ensuring your pool doesn’t go green.

For more information go to our website:


Have you got a Pool, Spa or Tank pump of your own that you want repaired?


We install the highest quality, Japanese made double seal bearings, carbon graphite mechanical seals and good quality genuine parts in all pump repairs requiring a rebuild. Most pumps do not have these bearings installed from new because of the extra costs.

Full pump rebuilds range in price from $200-$350 depending on complexities involved, as every pump is different. Partial pump repairs cost as little as $95. Better still; repairing is generally always a lot cheaper than buying a quality made replacement pump.

All our pump repairs and rebuilds come with a 12 month warranty on parts and labour.


Want to know more? Check out our pumps information page at:


We are also Pentair/Onga warranty agents.


Considering a new chlorinator or pump?


Call us for honest advice on which chlorinators and pumps are built to last before you buy a unit at a high price tag built only to last the warranty period.


We have supplier accounts with all pool equipment suppliers and manufacturers (e.g. Astral Pool, Onga/Pentair, Waterco, Davey, Poolrite, AutoChlor, Hayward, Orange Pumps etc.) and can give you the best available price on any chlorinator or pump you are after.