Clearwater Chlorinator Cells

We have cells to suit the Clearwater Chlorinator Range including the LM series, C Series and D series of chlorinators.

Give us a call or drop in anytime during business hours. What sets these cells above others on the market? Even the original? Made from the highest quality titanium plate and rated for 15,000 hours, these are Australian made not cheap Chinese rubbish and are very affordable.

We have cells to suit:

Zodiac / Clearwater LM3 40

Zodiac / Clearwater LM3 30

Clearwater C Series Clearwater Chlorinator

Zodiac / Clearwater LM3 24

Zodiac / Clearwater LM2 30

Zodiac / Clearwater LM2 24

Zodiac / Clearwater LM2 20

Clearwater C330/250

Clearwater C200/270

Clearwater C170

Clearwater C140

Clearwater D25