//Hayward MaxFlo™ Variable Speed 340

Hayward MaxFlo™ Variable Speed 340

8 Star Energy Efficiency Rated

The German made Hayward range of energy efficient pool pumps are the most reliable of all available in the Australian market from our experience. They are also repairable and completely serviceable unlike most of the others available.

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Product Description

Taking the first step in energy efficiency is simple with the new variable-speed MaxFlo™ VS. Offering up to 80% energy cost savings over single-speed pool pump alternatives via an integrated variable-speed drive and totally-enclosed, permanent magnet motor, MaxFlo™ VS is an ideal pool upgrade for those looking to reduce energy use and save money.

Variable-speed pool pumps are the ultimate way to save energy. Most other variable-speed models, however, are oversized when compared to medium-head pool pumps such as Hayward’s MaxFlo™ Series. The all-new MaxFlo™ VS is right-sized, particularly for applications with 40mm or 50mm plumbing, providing tremendous energy savings that result in an even faster return on investment.

MaxFlo™ VS provides customisable speed and priming time to match the needs of both aftermarket and new construction installations. Upgrade to MaxFlo™ VS and save energy and money!